GIS Architect (M/F)

Zagreb, Croatia (Hybrid)

Ericsson Nikola Tesla Group has nearly 3000 employees, the majority of whom are from the STEM field. In addition to our ICT solutions in the telecom sector, we provide innovative solutions in health care, transport, state administration, municipal services and multimedia that improve people’s lives and create new value. With more than 70 years of tradition and continuous work on new technologies, we offer the perfect combination of experience and knowledge. 

Working in Ericsson Nikola Tesla’s Digital Society Unit is an exciting opportunity to take part in innovative and challenging ICT solutions. The unit works with local and foreign clients to deliver large-scale projects that impact millions of lives. 

We are looking for a GIS Architect (M/F) in the field of digital public administration.


Location: Zagreb 

Join our dynamic team in this key role and lead the charge in driving digital innovation at a national level, with a specific focus on Geographic Information Systems (GIS). As a GIS Solution Architect, you will play a crucial role in designing and deploying sophisticated ICT solutions that elevate our business operations and service delivery.  

You will leverage your GIS expertise to develop cutting-edge software solutions tailored to our clients' unique needs. You will analyze client business requirements and provide strategic advice to effectively transform their GIS ecosystems. As a key technical leader, you will ensure that all solutions are scalable, maintainable, and adhere to the highest quality standards and best practices in the GIS industry. Furthermore, you will significantly influence our pre-sales initiatives, collaborating closely with the sales team to drive revenue growth and offer crucial strategic insights. 

The ideal candidate is a proficient problem solver with strong analytical capabilities and a deep understanding of various software technologies, solutions, and platforms, particularly in the realm of GIS. Exceptional leadership and communication skills are essential for success in this role. 



  • Serve as the primary GIS expert and advisor for all projects, guiding the implementation process, ensuring best practices are followed, and providing expert insights to optimize GIS strategies across the organization. 
  • Create requirements and specifications for GIS-centric ICT solutions that drive digital transformation with a focus on spatial data management and visualization. 
  • Gather customer requirements specifically related to geospatial data and design a GIS solution blueprint that captures the client's vision and requirements. 
  • Develop well-documented GIS architectural options for solutions that meet business needs, detailing the risks, costs, implications, and opportunities. 
  • Collaborate with team members to collect, analyze, and synthesize geospatial information from multiple sources to support decision-making processes. 
  • Build and maintain relationships with internal and external stakeholders to define business objectives and ensure that GIS strategies are aligned with overarching business goals. 
  • Explain GIS technical issues and spatial data solutions to non-technical audiences in a clear and understandable manner. 
  • Create high-level product specifications and design documents. 
  • Work closely with DevOps teams to provide GIS architectural blueprints, ensuring a shared understanding of client geospatial requirements and seamless integration with deployment processes for effective solution delivery. 
  • Evaluate and integrate new GIS technologies into existing business environments to promote continuous improvement and innovation. 
  • Lead cross-functional teams through complex GIS project implementations, providing GIS technical leadership and guidance throughout the process. 
  • Develop training materials and conduct workshops focused on GIS technologies and applications for team members and stakeholders. 



  • At least 5 years of experience in the engineering and architectural design of GIS systems, demonstrating a track record of crafting scalable and robust geospatial solutions. 
  • Deep understanding of various GIS platforms and tools including, but not limited to Geoserver, OpenLayers, Cesium and Geonetwork, with the ability to leverage these technologies to meet complex project requirements. 
  • Strong knowledge of spatial databases such as PostGIS, ESRI ArcSDE, or Oracle SDE with spatial extensions, including experience in database design, development, and management specific to geospatial data. 
  • Proficiency in the integration of geospatial data with other technology platforms and data sources, ensuring compatibility and interoperability across systems. 
  • Skilled in collecting and interpreting business requirements, translating them into actionable and strategic technical solutions. 
  • Proficient in writing clear, detailed, and comprehensive documentation that supports the design and implementation of technical solutions. 
  • Excellent organizational, leadership and problem-solving abilities. 
  • A highly analytical mindset; ability to see both the big picture and the details. 
  • Strong communication and presentation skills. 


We especially appreciate: 

  • A master’s degree in Information Technology, Software Engineering, Computer Science, Geography, Geodesy, Geoinformatics, or a related field. 
  • Programming experience. 
  • Previous experience in delivering projects for public administration, demonstrating familiarity with the sector's unique challenges and requirements. 
  • A firm determination and commitment to continuous learning to master the profession. 
  • A willingness to experiment, embrace failures, and learn from these experiences to drive innovation. 
  • A strong desire to share achievements and knowledge, helping others and addressing their needs, which enhances team success. 


We offer: 

In addition to cutting-edge projects and technology, as well as the opportunity to work in a vibrant international team of experts, we can also point out the following: 

  • an opportunity to work in an inspiring working environment where you can develop your career, grow, innovate, and be a part of larger success story  
  • annual awards in accordance with the company’s business results and individual contribution 
  • incentive bonuses  
  • company restaurant and monthly meal allowance 
  • sports and cultural sections  
  • regular medical check-ups  
  • supplementary health insurance 
  • flexible working hours  
  • covered public transport costs 
  • and many more. 

Candidates will be evaluated and contacted after they pass the initial screening. 

Croatian citizenship or work permit for Croatia is mandatory.  


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GIS Architect (M/F)

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GIS Architect (M/F)

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