5G Software Developer (M/F)

Zagreb, Osijek, Croatia (Hybrid)

Ericsson Nikola Tesla Group has nearly 3000 employees, the majority of whom are from the STEM field. In addition to our ICT solutions in the telecom sector, we provide innovative solutions in health care, transport, state administration, municipal services and multimedia that improve people’s lives and create new value. With more than 70 years of tradition and continuous work on new technologies, we offer the perfect combination of experience and knowledge. Our Research and Development Center is one of the strongest telecom R&D centers in the region.


Our Opportunity:


We are looking for software developers who can contribute to Ericsson's market-leading products for creating next-generation 5G mobile networks.


Our SW is the heart of the 5G bloodstream.

It is in constant communication with your mobile device, whatever it is (your mobile phone, car, etc.).

It monitors how your mobile device moves in the network and optimizes all parameters for the best signal and service (user experience).

Our SW within 5G networks will enable several exciting use cases that will improve our lives in the future.


Think about this use case:


A millisecond is 1/1000 of a second.

The average reaction time for humans is 250ms seconds for a visual stimulus, 170ms for an audio stimulus, and 150ms for a touch stimulus. 

Imagine now that your car could react 250 times faster than you.

Imagine it could also respond to hundreds of incoming information and can also communicate its reactions back to other vehicles and road signs all within a few milliseconds.

At 100km/h, the reaction distance is about 30 meters before you pull the brakes.

With a 1ms reaction time, the car would only have rolled a bit less than 3 centimeters.

Our SW will enable that your car has a ubiquitous, fast, and seamless connection as it moves through the network.


This job offers an outlook into an exciting and challenging future where you as a developer will work in a team responsible for the products they develop, from the early phases of ideas and drafts, all the way to customer delivery. 

We are creating an entirely ubiquitous connected world. Products that you develop will be used by hundreds of millions of 5G subscribers worldwide.

Join us and help us create a future!


What are we looking for?


Education: Bachelor's or Master’s degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or equivalent.


We are looking for someone passionate about software development. You are a good candidate if you can demonstrate your skills in any programming language and your problem-solving skills.


What can you expect? 


  • Participate in pre-design activities
  • Document the solution
  • Design and implement solutions using C, C++, git, Gerrit
  • Design, implement and run tests using gMock, Erlang
  • Follow your feature all the way to customer activities making sure it works as expected
  • Handle customer feedback and fix bugs


We offer:


In addition to cutting-edge projects and technology, as well as the opportunity to work in a vibrant international team of experts, we can also point out the following:

  • an opportunity to work in an inspiring working environment where you can develop your career, grow, innovate, and be a part of larger success story
  • annual awards in accordance with the company’s business results and individual contribution
  • incentive bonuses
  • company restaurant and monthly meal allowance
  • sports and cultural sections
  • regular medical check-ups
  • supplementary health insurance
  • flexible working hours
  • covered public transport costs
  • and many more.


Application process:


Attach your detailed CV with your application.


Candidates will be evaluated and contacted if they pass the initial screening.

Croatian citizenship or a work permit for Croatia is required.


In our Privacy notice you can find more about the way your personal information is handled. 

5G Software Developer (M/F)

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5G Software Developer (M/F)

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